graphml de ton projet java

graphml de ton projet java

March 22, 2013

– degraph ( / download:
– yEd ( / download:

1. download and
2. unzip them in corresponding directories: degraph-0.0.3, yEd-3.10.2
3. > ./degraph-0.0.3/bin/degraph -c path/to/my_jar.jar -o /tmp/output.graphml -i witr.**
    this command line will scan only witr.** classes of your my_jar.jar and create output.graphml file
4. > cd yEd-3.10.2
    > java -jar yEd-3.10.2/yed.jar
    this wll run yEd. be sure that you can connect to X11 window server
5. use yEd gui to open output.graphml file
6. if the graph is not well presented then menu: layout>organic>
    preferred edge length = 117
    minimal node distance = 50
    avoid node/edge overlaps : check
    compacteness = 0.9
    ===> validate by pressing ok



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