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Remove all references to the key before the key is to be dropped

if oracle db refuse to drop a constraint with message “Remove all references to the key before the key is to be dropped”. It’s clear that we must drop references before. But how to list these references.

Sql command bellow help to list all constraints which uses the constraint to be dropped “CONSTRAINT_TO_BE_DROPPED_NAME”

select * from all_constraints
where constraint_type='R' and 

when ssh connection refused with “Too many authentication failures for x”

If you are here you have probably got following message when trying to connect with ssh:
“Received disconnect from 2: Too many authentication failures for x”

In fact, when trying to connect, ssh send all locally registred keys to the server trying them one by one. The server will reject any key after too many keys have been rejected.

If you are using key to connect try :

ssh -i your_key -o ‘IdentitiesOnly yes’ user@server:/path/

If you are connecting without keys (login and password only) try

ssh -o ‘IdentitiesOnly yes’ user@server:/path/

extract git repository sub-folder as new git repository

Problem :

we have a git repository located in user@server:/home/witr/git-repos/witr.git
witr.git contains 3 projects: proj1, proj2 and proj3
projects are growing up. And cloning witr.git become too slow cause of the size.

Solution :
extract each project as a new git repository.
Follow steps bellow to extract proj1 (do the same for other projects).

1. on server : initialize new git repository proj1

$ cd /home/witr/git-repos
$ git init --bare proj1

2. on local machine : extract proj1 as new git

$ git clone user@server:/home/witr/git-repos/witr.git
$ cd witr
$ git branch branch-proj1
$ git filter-branch -f --subdirectory-filter path/to/proj1 branch-proj1
$ cd ..
$ mkdir proj1-tmp
$ cd proj1-tmp
$ git init
$ git pull ../witr branch-proj1
$ git remote add proj1 user@server:/home/witr/git-repos/proj1.git
$ git push proj1 master

3. on local machine : ensure that all is right

$ cd /path/tmp/
$ git clone user@server:/home/witr/git-repos/proj1.git
$ cd proj1
$ git log --pretty=format:"%an %ad %s" -10

local machine commands could be automated with following bash script



echo "start extract $REMOTE_GIT"
cd witr

echo "create and filter branch-$1"
git branch branch-$1
git filter-branch -f --subdirectory-filter $1 branch-$1

echo "create new local git repo branch-$1"
cd ..
mkdir branch-$1
cd branch-$1
git init
git pull ../witr branch-$1

echo "push to remote git $REMOTE_GIT"
git remote add $1 $REMOTE_GIT
git push $1 master

echo "done"